DIGI reveals most secure wireless device server

By | September 28, 2005

Digi International announced on Tuesday the industry’s first most secure wireless device server featuring WAP2 and 802.11i security. The device allows companies to connect any device and securely manage critical device information through the corporate Wireless network.

The wireless device server, called Digi Connect Wi-SP, is a plug-and-play networking solution that combines the flexibility and productivity of secure wireless networking with serial port connectivity. The product offers a web user interface, remote management and standard network management interfaces.

“Whenever sensitive and business-critical data is involved, network security is a key requirement,” said Steve Ericson, director, product management, Digi International.

“Choosing a secure and standards-based wireless product allows the confident deployment of wireless technology without the potential risks or concerns previously associated with wireless. Other products only offer consumer-grade security such as WEP or WPA-PSK encryption. The Digi Connect Wi-SP device server provides enterprise-class WPA2 and 802.11i compliant wireless security through advanced AES encryption for complete data privacy and secure mutual authentication services.”

“It enables customers to diagnose and immediately address problems from a central data center thus reducing trips to remote locations for device maintenance. Digi Connectware Manager also saves time by reporting problems in the field rather than using a dedicated administrator to constantly monitor devices on the network,” Ericson added.

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