Dialer.ay Rings In Trouble for Internet Users

By | May 12, 2006

´Dialer.ay´ stops the existing Dial-up connection and connects to a highly expensive pornographic number like the ´900´ series in US or even numbers of a foreign country. Victim´s telephone bill will run into exorbitant levels and in many cases, users are forced to pay at least a percentage of the charges to get rid of the mess. If you really want to get these undue charges completely off your back, it will cost a lot of run around, complaints and even legal action, wasting your time and money again!

“Sometimes it´s noticed that dialers act in a calculated and controlled manner where they charge a certain ´not so big´ sum every month. Users will be caught completely unawares of this drain, which might go unabated for months on end and at times, years. Even when you detect this theft finally, it becomes hard to get the whole amount reversed!” says Sulabh Mahant, Security Analyst, MicroWorld Technologies.

If you have a broadband connection and you do not use the Dial-up modem any more, it´s advised to remove the modem and telephone connection to avoid falling prey to this potential risk. With the arrival of broadband, the number of Dial-up connections has dropped drastically. Subsequently, dialer Trojans are now migrating to smart mobile phones. The ´mosquito´ Trojan found last year, infects a game by the same name played on Symbian Operating System on Smart phones. This Trojan sends hundreds of messages to some specific numbers.

“There are two major ways a ´Dialer Trojan´ can infect computers,” observes Govind Rammurthy, CEO, MicroWorld Technologies. “One is through injecting an ActiveX control to the PC via browser while user accesses the Internet. Then this component goes ahead and downloads the dialer from a predefined website. Two, the Trojan comes bundled with a plethora of freewares available on the net. Even some of the small free utilities like schedulers and calculators you find on the web are found to be carrying Dialer.ay.”

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