Developer of Industry’s First Patch Proxy Joins Industry Consortium Advancing Innovative Security Solutions for the Microsoft Platform

By | February 14, 2006

Blue Lane(TM) Technologies, provider of the industry´s first inline patch proxy for enterprise servers, announced today that it has joined Microsoft and other information security leaders in the SecureIT Alliance. The alliance is based on a web-enabled community, launched today, that provides members access to Microsoft security-developer information and serves as a focal point for information sharing and best practices for delivering security solutions.

“Blue Lane´s membership in the alliance will facilitate the exchange of valuable information on the process of patching known vulnerabilities promptly and the problems associated with patching frequently,” said Gerry Albert, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation. “Furthermore, their participation will help ensure complete and timely delivery of content for their patch proxy solution that strongly supports the Microsoft platform.”

The alliance provides members with both a public website and private developer portal of industry peers for sharing the information and best practices needed to build and communicate strong security solutions. The SecureIT Alliance will facilitate communication between Microsoft and Blue Lane Technologies during the development process of Blue Lane patch-equivalent ActiveFix(TM) inline patches. Publicly available resources on the alliance website include security-related information, such as business case studies, technical white papers, best practice guidance, videos, presentations, and product information provided by alliance members.

“The frequency of security patch releases has created a challenge for many IT organizations,” said Fred Kost, vice president of marketing for Blue Lane. “We look forward to participating in the alliance and working together with members to develop solutions focused on security patch issues.”

Blue Lane earlier signed a license agreement for the Microsoft Communication Protocol Program (MCPP) that enables its PatchPoint(TM) System to provide comprehensive coverage for vulnerabilities in Microsoft products and allows the company to quickly support new security patches that Microsoft releases.

The Blue Lane PatchPoint System eliminates reactive patching and the need to immediately install security patches. The PatchPoint System fixes the software vulnerabilities at the root cause, checking for the same conditions and applying the same corrective action as the vendor patch. Because PatchPoint resides in the network in front of the server, it requires zero changes to server software. PatchPoint allows enterprises to immediately mitigate newly announced vulnerabilities, gaining all the benefits of the patch and reducing the frequency of security patch deployment.

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