Design of ideal personal firewall

By | June 1, 2006

The following article describes the design of the ideal Windows personal firewall from programmers point of view. First of all the ideal personal firewall is secure. So, this article is about secure design leaving other features like easy of use in the background.

At first we say something about the common concept of personal firewalls and then we show important rules for the security design of personal firewall that should be respected during the development of Windows personal firewalls. During our analyses we examine whether those below mentioned rules, that are important for the security, are respected by tested products. In the following article we often use a term ´firewall´ but we always mean ´Windows personal firewall´.

This paragraph describes common concept of Windows personal firewalls. It is not necessary to implement the firewall in a similar way to have it secure. Common personal firewall is implemented as three or four separate components.Read Full Story

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