Dekart Portable Password Carrier

By | June 20, 2006

Dekart has launched Dekart Password Carrier, a secure web form filler and password management tool that provides one-click login to web sites from USB drives. With Password Carrier and a USB flash drive, you can plug into any Windows PC and be productive wherever you are. Password Carrier protects your online identity by providing phishing protection, keylogger protection and strong password generation.

What makes Password Carrier better than other password management applications is its advanced data protection, simplicity of use and mobility. Mobile users will enjoy convenient and secure browsing at Internet cafes, universities, airports and other public places. Simply install Password Carrier onto an existing USB drive, plug it any Windows PC, and you can automatically log into online accounts and fill in online forms. When you´re done, simply unplug the USB drive and walk away knowing that your personal information leaves with you. Password Carrier can also run from any type of removable media like external hard disks, flash memory cards, mp3 players, iPods or any other portable media players.

Confidential data like passwords, online identities, banking and credit card information becomes absolutely secure with Password Carrier. Password Carrier stores the information in an encrypted form on the removable disk, the applied encryption algorithm is AES 256-bit, certified by NIST. The passwords on the USB disk are protected with one master password, as well as with fingerprint authentication. This guarantees that if your USB flash disk is lost or stolen, nobody will be able access the confidential data stored on it.

Memorizes passwords and logs you in automatically: the program collects passwords, stores them in an encrypted form, and transparently feeds them to the web-browser. Supports Windows applications like MS-Office, Lotus Notes, Outlook Express etc; Generates strong passwords: the program can generate complex passwords that you can copy and paste into registration forms. Not only that, it will make your accounts practically immune to brute-forcing, but it also guarantees that all your accounts will have distinct passwords (which is an attacker´s worst nightmare); Encrypted backup: back yourself up by making an encrypted copy of the key, which can be used if your original key was lost or stolen. The data are encrypted with Dekarts NIST-certified implementation of the

strongest algorithm available today “ AES 256-bit;

A free 30-day trial version is available for download. English and German language interfaces available. System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, USB flash disk.

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