Datanet Security announced that the long awaited Trial offer is now available

By | September 1, 2006

The Datanet Security Group announced today that the Trial offer of the Bad IP-ID Block List has been readied. The Bad IP-ID Block List is a dynamic honey-net collection of IP addresses sending malicious and undesirable electronic mail messages, including spam, spyware, phishing and zombie IP´s. The CDIR pre-formatted list is dispatched per electronic mail.

The users are diversified; government entities, private and public companies as well as organizations and non-profits. Many Fortune-1000 enterprises have it as a standard pre-configured blacklist for their large corporate networks. Some deploy the list in compacted format within their ingress routing structure as an access control list (ACL). Others have it installed in their professional intrusion prevention and firewall systems.

Subscription to the list is annual, based on a strict qualification process, and only available to businesses and organizations.

“Because this is such a sensitive and complicated topic, many potential subscribers have indicated that they would like to see a trial offer made available. As our product/service combination isn´t software and we still wanted to satisfy a large corporate market, we decided to offer what we call “the catch of the month”, says Victoria de Piro, Executive Director with the Datanet Security Group. “This trial is a full bodied representation of everything our honey-net caught during the previous month. Since it´s “the real thing”, we offer it with a deep discount – at only U.S. $ 295 – and an attractive roll-over arrangement into the subscription, if one decides to subscribe.”, she continues. “At the time of this news bulletin, we completed the August 2006 load, which totals some 5 million individual BAD IP´s, truncated into thousands of CDIR net blocks.”

Ms. de Piro concludes: “This trial offer is a truly unique opportunity for every responsible network manager and offers prime insight in the collection. We are very glad we are able to offer this live sampler, which actually can be implemented right-away.”

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