Data Guardian: Secure your personal data

By | November 24, 2006

Securing personal information is one of the most important issues it today’s world. Everyday computer users and IT managers are constantly looking to protect sensitive data from being compromised by external hackers or malicious insiders.

Data Guardian is a Windows and Mac OS compatible secure database application that safely stores your personal information with up to 448-bits of Blowfish encryption.

The main interface is uncluttered and looks like a database management tool. You can securely store information in multiple databases. It does not have to be passwords at all. Data Guardian is customizable enough to allow input for a variety of data types. The database is stored in a cross-platform compatibility format between Mac OS and Windows.

Data Guardina

In order to secure a database, password protection must be applied. This is a major drawback, because without password protection, the database is not encrypted. When encrypting, the password is used to encode the data. The database is unrecoverable if the password is lost.

Aside from securing your information, Data Guardian has an easy to use Keychain integration to auto-fill passwords on web sites. For Windows or non-Safari users, the auto-fill is only reliable for servers which are not web sites. Data Guardian also offers a variety of other tools: creating e-mail messages, secure password generation, database synchronization and other handy features.


For just $19.95, you can get a handy cross-platform data protection tool. But, from the security point of view, we are quite disappointed by the way it handles data protection – improvement is a must.

Easy of Use: 8/10 | Value for money: 8/10 | Koingo Software

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