Da Vinci virus hits mobile phone

By | May 31, 2006

It’s been confirmed — The Da Vinci Code is bad for you. The virus, that is. A computer bug bearing the controversial film’s name has affected dozens of mobile phones and laptops in the city. The virus, which spreads via wireless Bluetooth technology, causes a message to pop up on Bluetooth devices.

‘Receive message via Bluetooth from Da Vinci Code?’ Once a curious mobile phone user accepts the message, the virus enters the system and destroys the phone’s data.

Mridul Sharma (32), an operations manager at an event management firm, received the virus during a corporate presentation a few days ago. “The Da Vinci Code name actually excited me. I assumed the file was either an MMS clipping or a still and accepted it.

My entire system collapsed and data was deleted. I had just bought my Nokia N91 handset worth Rs 31,000 and had to pay Rs 1,500 to format my mobile hard disk and reload the software,” said Sharma.Read Full Story

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