CRYPTOCard Announces CRYPTO-Server 6.4 For Mac OS X

By | August 10, 2006

CRYPTOCard has announced a Universal version of its CRYPTO-Server 6.4 for two-factor authentication solution. This makes it simple to protect LAN, VPN, web-based, Apache and IIS, and desktop access for Mac OS X version 10.4 Tiger.

CRYPTO-Server 6.4’s many new features include:

1. A new machine to machine architecture which provides a much faster, smaller footprint solution that improves user and administrator experience.

2. Support for a new software token for BlackBerry handsets from Research In Motion (RIM) which will enable remote users logging into the corporate network from a desktop or laptop via a VPN to use their BlackBerry handset to generate the necessary credentials for two-factor authentication

3. Client-based ‘Disconnected Authentication’ to ensure a mobile user’s laptop is protected even when connection to the CRYPTO-Server is not possible.

4. USB Dongle support for Intel-based Macs

Developed to meet real-world requirements – where Mac workstations often live in a mixed Windows domain, with Linux and Windows clients and Apache or IIS Web servers – CRYPTO-Server makes it simple to positively authenticate each user within a true heterogeneous environment. Fully compatible with Tiger’s support for smart cards, CRYPTO-Server makes it simple to implement a single ‘authenticator’ for photo ID, building, door, and network access.

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