CRYPTO-Server 6.4 Sets News Standard in Simple Two-Factor Authentication

By | August 23, 2006

CRYPTOCard, the leading authentication technology developer for heterogeneous environments, launches CRYPTO-Server 6.4, the all-new authentication solution that significantly simplifies strong authentication for desktop, network, LAN, and web server access.

CRYPTO-Server 6.4’s new package of software interfaces streamline the operation of software tokens, smart cards, and USB tokens with various CRYPTOCard-protected services, such as Microsoft Windows Domain Login, VPN access, and web site access to make “One-PIN-and-You’re-In” authenticated system access simpler than ever before for both users and administrators.

By displaying a randomly-generated password for every log-on attempt, CRYPTOCard’s tokens not only make stolen credentials useless to hackers, but also eliminate the need for users to memorise complicated passwords – significantly reducing the help-desk costs associated with resetting forgotten passwords, and the security risk resulting from users writing them down.

Completely redesigned to significantly simplify the user and administrator experience while simultaneously increasing network security flexibility, CRYPTO-Server 6.4’s many new features include: New machine-to-machine architecture which provides a much faster, smaller footprint solution that improves user and administrator experience, Support for a new software token for BlackBerry® handsets which enables remote users logging into the corporate network from a desktop or laptop via a VPN to use their BlackBerry to generate the random password required for two-factor authentication – eliminating the need to carry a separate token, Enhanced CRYPTO-Web, which now provides a Standalone Mode for protecting single web servers and a Web Farm Mode for protecting a group of web servers.

A true enterprise solution offering “High Availability,” CRYPTO-Server 6.4 has no single point of failure – switching to a backup server in the event of system failure. CRYPTO-Server 6.4’s other components include CRYPTO-Logon, which has been enhanced to streamline desktop and LAN authentication; CRYPTO-Kit, which provides developers with the tools to simplify integration of CRYPTOCard’s technology with existing security applications; CRYPTO-Deploy, which facilitates the real-time deployment and activation of tokens; and CRYPTO-Migration, which provides RSA Migration (DES tokens only) functionality to enable organisations to switch to CRYPTOCard’s ‘non-expiring’ tokens that can be utilised indefinitely. CRYPTO-Server’s versatile software tokens can reside on a desktop, laptop, multi-function smart card, USB Dongle, BlackBerry, or Pocket PC.

A five-user bundle (all-you-need-in-1-box – the full server software plus five tokens) is available for $499 (SRP). CRYPTOCard’s products are available from distributors, integrators, and resellers worldwide.

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