Critical Path’s Memova Messaging Platform Enables Telefуnica Mуviles to Offer New Universal Contacts Service

By | June 8, 2006

Critical Path, a leading provider of messaging software and services, today announced that Telefуnica Mуviles Espaсa, Spain´s leading mobile operator, is using Critical Path´s Memova® Messaging platform to power its new universal contacts service for consumers.

The first of its kind in Spain, the new service called “CopyAgenda,” provides a centralized contact list that can be integrated with all Telefуnica Mуviles and movistar messaging services, enabling subscribers to easily access, synchronize and manage contacts across multiple messaging applications and communications devices.

With a growing number of devices (PCs, mobile phones, PDAs) and an increasing array of communications services (email, IM, SMS, mobile email, VoIP, etc.) – each with its own independent address book – today´s consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to keep contact information up-to-date, consistent and synchronized. To address this problem, enable better integration across all mobile and broadband services, and provide subscribers with the best possible user experience, Telefуnica Mуviles implemented a Universal Contacts solution with Critical Path´s Memova Messaging.

The rich functionality, flexible architecture and immense scalability of Memova Messaging, as well as its support for existing and emerging standards, were some of the qualities most valued by Telefуnica Mуviles. Additionally, the platform could be easily integrated with existing infrastructure, allowing Telefуnica Mуviles to get to market quickly with new value-added services, such as CopyAgenda.

With the new CopyAgenda service, Telefуnica Mуviles and movistar subscribers can set up a universal contact list, including friends, colleagues and family members in their community, and store this list on the service provider´s network server. The universal contact list is currently integrated with email and will soon be integrated with other messaging applications, including chat, SMS and MMS. Using a specially developed, lightweight version of the SyncML protocol called AMA (Advanced Messaging and Address Book), address books in all of these applications, as well as those stored on SyncML-compatible mobile devices, can be automatically synchronized. Whenever new contacts are added or updated in one application or device, updates are automatically reflected across all integrated devices and services. The service also provides an automatic back-up feature for mobile device address books, so a lost phone never means lost personal data.

In addition to powering the new CopyAgenda service, the Memova Messaging solution enables Telefуnica Mуviles to roll out additional new services more easily. The open standard-based Universal Contacts solution can store contacts for a wide variety of applications, such as video-conferencing. Additionally, anti-abuse technology can be integrated with universal contact lists to provide greater spam protection and parental controls. This enables users to set up “white lists” and “black lists” controlling who can contact them – essentially creating a closed, safe community of people they wish to communicate with online or via mobile messaging.

“Critical Path´s contact-centric approach puts contacts – rather than the email or messaging application – at the center of the consumer experience to build an intelligent connection between consumers, their community and the messaging services they use,” said Donald Dew, CTO, Critical Path. “This enables service providers to provide new value-added services that address critical issues, including security and spam, while also providing a seamless user experience and reducing infrastructure costs.”

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