critical path launches new multimedia content services for mobile consumers

By | February 1, 2006

Critical Path, Inc. (OTC: CPTH), a leading provider of messaging software and services, today announced the launch of new multimedia content services for consumers with Memova Mobile 2.0. Building upon its initial release as a consumer mobile email solution, Memova™ Mobile now enables mobile operators to provide easy, on-the-go access to popular multimedia content, such as news, blogs, sports, music, podcasts and other content. Compatible with any MMS-enabled phone, Memova Mobile 2.0 offers mobile operators immediate opportunities to drive MMS traffic and increase data revenue. Memova Mobile 2.0 will be unveiled at the upcoming 3GSM World Congress, February 13-16 in Barcelona, Spain.

“Most mobile operators have yet to see significant uptake of MMS as a person-to-person messaging service,” said John Delaney, principal analyst, Ovum. “To unlock the potential of MMS in the near term, operators need to focus additionally on the power that MMS has to push content out to end users – content that they are already interested in receiving, and which can form the basis of services that are easy to use, low cost and personalized.”

With Memova Mobile 2.0, popular content with photos, graphics, video and audio, in addition to email messages from existing email accounts (Yahoo!, Gmail and others), can be easily mobilized and pushed to mass-market mobile phones. The solution enables operators to leverage their existing MMS infrastructure to get to market quickly with new services targeted at the large installed base of consumers who already have MMS-capable handsets. With Memova Mobile, consumers can easily set up services, discover available content, and choose which email messages, news, blogs, podcasts and other content they want to receive on their phone. Memova Mobile 2.0 provides a powerful user experience that is:

Easy – Most consumers do not have to change or upgrade their mobile phone, and the service can be set up with a few simple text messages – there is no software to install or configure. Also, because content is pushed to the phone, user discovery and consumption of content is simplified.

Personalized – Content feeds can be personalized according to the consumer’s interests, and users can easily allow or block email senders so they get only the Messages that Matter.

Addictive – Memova Mobile pushes email and content that subscribers already use regularly and also suggests preferences to users – enabling easier discovery of content and encouraging greater personalization and frequent, repeat usage.

Affordable – Leveraging existing MMS infrastructure, Memova Mobile enables operators to minimize costs and offer competitive pricing to subscribers.

“Through our market research, we consistently see that consumers want mobile multimedia content services, but they need a simple discovery, download and content management experience,” said Donald Dew, CTO, Critical Path. “With the release of 2.0, we’re extending the easy, affordable, personalized and addictive nature of Memova Mobile beyond email to multimedia content, presenting significant new opportunities for operators.”

About Critical Path, Inc.

Critical Path´s Memova™ solutions provide a new and improved email experience for millions of consumers worldwide, helping mobile operators, broadband and fixed-line service providers unlock the potential of email in the mass market. Memova™ Mobile gives consumers instant, on-the-go access to the messages that matter most. Featuring industry-leading anti-spam and anti-virus technology, Memova™ Anti-Abuse protects consumers against viruses and spam. Memova™ Messaging provides consumers with a rich email experience, enabling service providers to develop customized offerings for high-speed subscribers. Headquartered in San Francisco with offices around the globe, Critical Path´s messaging solutions are deployed by more than 200 service providers throughout the world. More information is available at

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