Critical Path and Cloudmark Partner to Deliver New Messaging Anti-Abuse Solution for Service Providers

By | April 3, 2006

Critical Path, Inc. (OTC: CPTH), a leading provider of messaging software and services, and CloudmarkR Inc., the proven leader in secure messaging from the desktop to the gateway, today announced a partnership to provide ISPs, wireless carriers and other service providers with advanced protection against messaging threats, such as spam and phishing, as well as a first line of defense against viruses. Through the partnership, Cloudmark AuthorityT software is being integrated with Critical Path´s MemovaT Anti-Abuse technology to bring a powerful new solution to market. The new MemovaT Anti-Abuse C-2000 is a turnkey appliance that significantly reduces abuse-related costs, detecting and stopping messaging threats with industry-low false-positive rates – regardless of the message´s language or format.

Consumer risks are on the rise with the growing prevalence of spam and phishing attacks – fraudulent messages that contain requests for personal data that are often difficult to distinguish from legitimate email. In addition, according to industry experts, global spam and phishing attacks cost an estimated US $50 billion in increased resource requirements and higher customer service complaints in 2005, leaving service providers in search of superior and more cost-effective ways to protect their subscribers.

Building upon the success of Memova Anti-Abuse A-1000, Critical Path´s introductory anti-abuse appliance launched in February 2005 and already deployed by more than 16 service providers, the new Memova Anti-Abuse C-2000 helps control escalating costs with a combination of Memova and Cloudmark technology. The appliance uses proprietary traffic management, throttling and tarpitting techniques, as well as SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and other mechanisms, to stop more than 75 percent of abusive traffic at the gateway. By integrating Cloudmark Authority, a carrier-grade gateway solution widely deployed in service provider networks around the world, the Memova Anti-Abuse C-2000 has real-time data feeds from the Cloudmark Collaborative Security Network, providing zero-hour/real-time protection against spam, phishing and virus threats. Additionally, the Cloudmark Network Classifier, unique fingerprinting algorithm technology, and a trust-based reporting system combine to deliver a predictive solution that offers increased accuracy and reduced false positives, regardless of email language or format.

“We´re pleased to launch Memova Anti-Abuse C-2000,” said Donald Dew, CTO, Critical Path. “The new appliance provides advanced contact-centric capabilities that enable consumers to dramatically reduce spam with contact ´safe lists´ and other features, while choosing the level of protection that´s most appropriate. It also provides support for double-byte languages and offers industry-leading performance and fault tolerance. In addition, the integration of Cloudmark technology – which consistently rates first in the industry for accuracy – enables us to bring the fastest and most accurate spam, virus and phishing detection to our customers.”

“We´re excited about the opportunity to work with Critical Path in Europe and Asia,” said Vipul Ved Prakash, Founder and Chief Scientist, Cloudmark. “The complexity of spam and fraudulent attacks is on the rise and constantly morphing, and legacy solutions are not keeping pace with increasingly sophisticated challenges. As a result, ISPs, wireless carriers and other email service providers are facing enormous and growing costs in dealing with this problem. It is essential that service providers have strong anti-abuse protection at the gateway to minimize the need for costly content filtering and to keep mail stores from becoming overloaded with unfiltered spam. With the combination of Cloudmark Authority and Memova Anti-Abuse, service providers can meet their needs for comprehensive email protection with a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use solution.”

The new Memova Anti-Abuse C-2000 appliance, with integrated Cloudmark Authority technology, is available now.

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