Cracking OS X Passwords

By | June 19, 2006

It’s interesting how most papers on the subject state that’s it is useful knowledge for Sysadmins to know how to crack passwords; come on, let’s be honest a Systems Administrator will most likely reset the password or if he can’t he will simply reinstall the Operating System. I’ve worked as a Sysadmin for several years and not once I had to crack a password.

The only aspect we actually care about is the disk drive, at this point nothing else matters. Open Firmware [OF] (the “bios” used by Apple’s OS X) is sneaky enough not to show the different boot options; actually if you don’t know about OF you most likely won’t even notice it’s there and that’s why Apple loves it so much as it provides a smooth boot sequence without many pointless information, flashing screens and colors unlike PC BIOS’es which are known to be a bit more “loud”.Read Full Story

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