Corrent Released Unified Threat Management Appliance

By | January 23, 2006

Corrent has announced the release of the Corrent SR325 security appliance, the first unified threat management appliance with intelligent I/O, inline VPN acceleration, and hardware-enforced Denial-of-Service protection that is based on Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration Server 2004 and Sybari Antigen software.

For businesses with significant investments in Microsoft technology, the Corrent SR325 is a smart choice as either a gateway device for the perimeter, or as an internal firewall to add an extra layer of defense to protect valuable assets such as Microsoft Exchange Server or other application servers. The SR325 offers a stateful inspection and application-layer firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, VPN, Web caching and gateway antivirus protection for SMTP traffic.

At the heart of the SR325 is an intelligent I/O subsystem consisting of three dual-port intelligent Gigabit Ethernet cards, each with its own RISC-based Corrent CR777 security processor and separate memory subsystem. These intelligent I/O interfaces are capable of VPN acceleration, offloading packet processing and using their integrated signature-matching engines to enhance content inspection, such as virus detection. Because the I/O subsystem is programmable, functions can be upgraded to keep pace with improvements to Microsoft Windows Server and security software.

The intelligent I/O subsystem is also key to the SR325´s ability to provide superior protection against Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks. While all firewalls offer some protection against DDoS attacks, Corrent appliances are unique in their ability to detect and mitigate attacks in hardware at the network interfaces. The intelligent network subsystems on the SR325 monitor both traffic levels and CPU utilization, and when network traffic exceeds a preset high-water mark, the network interfaces actively throttle excess traffic while preserving bandwidth for secure traffic and management control.

“There is no lack of products for handling the escalating number of security threats facing corporations each year, but deploying separate security appliances and trying to get them to work together has created just another impossible task for overworked IT managers,” said Richard Takahashi, Corrent president and CEO.

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