Corrent Announces Wireless Firewall/VPN Appliance for Small Businesses

By | February 15, 2006

Corrent Corp., a leading developer of hardware-accelerated security appliances and an OEM appliance partner for Microsoft security solutions, today announced the release of the Corrent(R) SR25 security appliance, a firewall/VPN appliance with integrated WiFi for small businesses and branch offices that is based on Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004. The SR25 offers comprehensive protection for small business networks in an affordable and easy to use package.

The Corrent SR25 appliance is a desktop unit that provides protection for both wired and wireless networks with up to 100 users. WiFi has become increasingly popular because it is a great convenience for employees and it can save a business a substantial amount of money by avoiding cable runs. Unless a WiFi network is properly protected, though, it can leave a business vulnerable to identity and data theft, among other problems. The Corrent SR25 helps eliminate these problems by making an 802.11g router and access point an integral part of the firewall so that the wireless network can be protected by its own set of access rules. In addition, the SR25 protects wireless communication through a choice of WPA, WEP and IPsec-over-wireless encryption. For wired networks, the SR25 also includes four 10/100 Ethernet ports.

“Very few small businesses can afford to have an IT manager on staff, and as a result, it often falls to the owner or other manager to do double duty maintaining the network,” said Richard Takahashi, Corrent president and CEO. “As a result, many small business networks have less protection than they need and are unknowingly left open to attack. The advantage of the SR25, thanks to its incorporation of Microsoft security technology, is that it provides everything needed to protect a small network in a single box, and it´s easy for almost anyone to set up and configure.”

Through ISA Server 2004, the SR25 offers a stateful inspection and application-layer firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, VPN, and web caching. The appliance can be managed remotely using either a browser interface or remote desktop connection. It comes with wizards, templates, and a host of management tools to help users avoid common security configuration errors. The SR25 also offers a one-touch recovery feature that automatically restores the appliance and software to factory defaults in case of problems.

“Small-business owners are focused on their customers and building their bottom line. They shouldn´t need to worry if their networks are protected,” said Marcus Schmidt, senior product manager of the Security, Access & Solutions Division at Microsoft Corp. “OEM appliance partners like Corrent offer small-business owners peace of mind by providing integrated solutions that are quick to install and easy to use.”

Price and Availability

Available for shipment beginning in March 2006, Corrent´s SR25 appliance is priced starting at $1,900 MSRP. Corrent appliances include a three-year hardware warranty and a year of software support in the purchase price. Uplifted and multiyear support contracts are also available.

Corrent products are distributed by Ingram Micro and sold through a network of value-added resellers worldwide. Government customers can purchase at substantial discounts directly through GSA Advantage, the federal purchasing system.

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