ControlGuard Joins the SecureIT Alliance

By | November 13, 2006

ControlGuard has announced its membership in the SecureIT Alliance formed by Microsoft, a group of industry partners working together through an online web-community to develop, enhance & promote applications that interoperate with the Microsoft platform.

By supporting developer collaboration, the Alliance encourages the development and promotion of more robust security solutions for organizations across the globe through partnerships with companies like ControlGuard. Members vow to work with each other to make their offerings more effective in fighting security threats, particularly in Windows environments.

“Our corporate mission is to deliver products that protect network endpoints and prevent data leakage by securing the use of removable media and portable storage devices,” said Israel Levy, President and CEO at ControlGuard. “As a member of the SecureIT Alliance, ControlGuard will work to enhance Microsoft applications platform security and to provide more trustworthy computing solutions to customers worldwide. We believe involvement in this industry initiative is an important step toward addressing the growing need for higher-performing security solutions.”

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