Control Your PC From Your Mobile

By | January 20, 2005

Toshiba has released software which enables users to remote control their PC using their mobile phone. The software – called Ubiquitous Viewer – will be available in Japan beginning in March.

Ubiquitous Viewer (UB) is installed on the mobile phone as well as on the user’s Windows-based workstation and allows full remote viewing and remote control, acting just like the user was at his workstation. Users can check email, edit documents and do complex administrative tasks – all from anywhere in the world.

UB can even turn on PC’s which support the common ‘Wake-on-LAN” functionality – thus allowing you to remote control a PC which isn’t even currently powered on.

Since PC and notebook PC screens typically have an XGA (1,024-by-768-pixel) resolution, the software captures a portion of the screen and displays this on the mobile phone screen. The virtual screen on the mobile phone can be moved in real time by the user across the virtual desktop, Shimizu said. An algorithm compresses by 97% the amount of screen data on the portion of the XGA screen to avoid overloading the wireless network as the information is passed to the mobile phone. The screen is recreated on the mobile phone in QVGA resolution (240 by 320 pixels), he said.

KDDI, NTT DoCoMo and Vodaphone will all support the new software – at least in Japan.

Toshiba is aiming the software at corporate users. It didn´t give a price or lay out plans to sell the software internationally.

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