Consumers Show Security Concerns

By | August 22, 2005

The findings of a survey commissioned by RSA Security reveal an improvement in consumer’s awareness to online security concerns. The survey examined the willingness for better authentication and the impact of the authentication used by businesses on their consumers.

The survey, asked nearly 3000 online respondents to answer 26 questions to determine whether consumers are willing to pay for strong authentication. Nearly half of the respondents said that they would be more likely to change service provider if offered stronger authentication and 66 percent said they would move more transactions online if offered hardware solution.

The findings also show that nearly 85 percent are worries by online fraud and online identity theft. The most concern expressed about fraudulent access to bank accounts.

The survey revealed that respondents exposed to personal security solutions, were seen strong intent to purchase the products. In addition, the survey finds that organizations making strong authentication a familiar and standard part of online life present the biggest opportunity to create consumer trust of online transactions.

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