Companies will Replace VPNs

By | June 10, 2005

In a study on VPN hardware and software, network managers cited technology changes as the reason they replace VPN products, an indication that vendors would do well to capitalize on technology shifts to enter the market or disrupt market leaders.

The study, conducted by Infonetics Research, is based on interviews with network managers from small, medium and large organizations for five markets.

The study revealed the following findings: Security remains top concern when implementing VPNs, rated a barrier by over 33 percent of the respondents, most respondents keep VPN products in use for 2-4 years across, total penetration of SSL VPN for remote access if fairly high, with 39 percent of remote access respondents using it now, 14 percent use fully managed VPN services and the money is spread across a wide range of providers.

“VPN and firewall appliances are the most popular devices for deploying VPNs across size groups and verticals, followed by router-based products,” said Jeff Wilson, principal analyst for VPNs and security at Infonetics Research.

“There is some variation by vertical and size, but they are not significant. All VPN/firewall appliances are folding in additional security technologies, and the line between VPN/firewall devices and integrated security appliances is rapidly disappearing.”

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