Companies Contemplate Life Without BlackBerrys

By | March 1, 2006

Eugene Stein is thinking about Plan B for the 1,900 BlackBerry e-mail devices under his charge that could be rendered useless if their maker, Research in Motion Ltd., gets slapped with a court-ordered shutdown.

“It´d be pretty significant,” said Stein, chief technology officer for law firm White & Case LLP. His backup plan for keeping the firm´s employees connected to wireless e-mail is to use more Palm Treo devices with Good Technology Inc. software, a rival to the BlackBerry system.

“I would have to use all my technical guys” and sink at least $40,000 into buying new devices, he said. “I can´t buy and replace them all in one shot,” but he has secured assurances from vendors that he will be able to order some Treos overnight, putting them in the hands of attorneys traveling internationally or working on key deals first. After that, he would experiment with the software upgrade RIM says it has developed, or replace the remaining BlackBerrys as soon as possible.Read Full Story

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