Comodo’s Positive Software Division releases NOC Monkey 2.0 beta 2

By | September 21, 2006

Comodo, a global Certification Authority, announced today that it has released the next generation of its remote web-based server provisioning software NOC Monkey 2.0 beta 2 through their Web Hosting and server automation division PSOFT (Positive Software).

NOC Monkey is a web-based tool for remote server management. It simplifies dedicated server maintenance in data centers by providing administrators with a simple web interface to install operating systems remotely; reinstall servers and recover them from file-system crashes and change root passwords without having to connect the console.

The range of new features in NOC Monkey 2.0 beta 2 includes support for the Linux Logical Volume Manager. LVM allows administrators to re-partition servers ´on-the-fly´ without the need to stop the server first to back it up and comes as default with most modern Linux distributions. Additionally, users can now obtain NOC Monkey licenses through proxy servers.

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