Comodo PSoft announces release of H-Sphere 2.5 to Include MS Exchange Support

By | June 23, 2006

Comodo, a global Certification Authority, released today H-Sphere version 2.5 developed through its Psoft web hosting and server automation Division. H-Sphere, their flagship control panel, was developed with sophisticated automation capabilities and now H-Sphere release 2.5 includes mission critical MS Exchange support. This allows web hosting companies to leverage MS Exchange infrastructure to their customers.

This is the first sophisticated solution to break below the $10,000 barrier and allows hosting companies to run hosted MS Exchange service for their customers. Previously, hosts had to develop their own solution or purchase expensive solutions from other vendors that often run into tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. With H-Sphere even small hosts can now offer MS Exchange.

MS Exchange is part of larger H-Sphere 2.5 release, which also includes such features as dedicated server support, migration scripts to migrate accounts from other control panels, new upgrade framework, windows FTP sub accounts, ASP.NET 2.0, MS SQL 2005, new anniversary based billing scheme as well as greatly improved security. In addition, improvements are added to all other H-Sphere components, like domain registrars, mail system, VPS, remote XML API.

H-Sphere is widely recognized as uniquely suited to meet the demands of enterprise level hosting operation. It offers a complete client control panel, an admin interface, private label reselling, built-in SSL certificate management tools, virtual private servers, integrated billing, trouble ticket system and powerful clustering capabilities – even allowing the management of multiple Linux, FreeBSD & Win200x servers in one centralized cluster.

“This release includes powerful features and highly sophisticated automation capabilities developed with web host operations in mind”, said Melih Abdulhayoglu, President and CEO of Comodo “Our goal was to provide a robust feature set to manage MS Exchange within a pricing structure that allows even smaller web hosts to expand their offering and generate more revenue. It is the sophistication of the automation technologies that allows us to offer this caliber of performance at prices that makes it accessible to many operations.”

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