Comodo and Globaltrust Italia S.p.a. partner to deliver mutual authentication and identity assurance solutions

By | October 25, 2006

Comodo, a leading global Certification Authority and provider of Identity and Trust Assurance Management solutions, announces today that Comodo and GlobalTrust Italia S.p.a. have entered into a partnership to enable GlobalTrust to offer ID protection for the highly demanding needs of large and complex financial institutions.

GlobalTrust will now be able to benefit from Comodo´s state-of-the-art classes of online verification and mutual authentication technologies, encryption and identity assurance tools for ensuring all digital communications are authenticated and protected from fraud.

Massimo Penco, president of GlobalTrust, was formerly the Director of EMEA for VeriSign and was the CEO of Trust Italia, the first Italian Certification Authority under VeriSign´s flag. GlobalTrust´s business focus centers on being a leading service provider in two-factor authentication, encryption, identity and access management solutions. “Comodo´s proprietary, patent-pending See Verify Trust ™ (SVT) technology is uniquely designed to meet the needs of this customer segment. With this solution, our large base of European customers can authenticate web content which serves to protect users from phishing and pharming attacks,” Mr. Penco explained.

In addition, GlobalTrust financial and business clients will benefit from Comodo´s suite of PKI based digital certificates, including high assurance SSL Certificates, multi domain certificates, email certificates and code signing certificates, all of which are fully authenticated by Comodo to deliver the security solutions these large organizations require.

“GlobalTrust brings great bench strength to this business and to this region,” says James Langman, Global Director of Business Development. “We are confident that customers looking to deploy effective and operationally streamlined identity assurance and two factor authentication solutions will value the expertise of GlobalTrust in combination with the technological innovation of Comodo. We look forward to helping ensure the safety of online financial transactions in the European community.”

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