Comfone wVoIP service offers a new era of convergence

By | February 13, 2006

Comfone, leading provider of roaming and signaling services to mobile operators in over 100 countries worldwide, today announces the launch of its Comfone wVoIP service, enabling operators to deliver voice and text services using wireless VoIP (wVoIP) technology and existing GSM networks, seamlessly. The new service means that end users, equipped with dual-mode GSM / WLAN devices, can take advantage of the new service when in range of a WLAN hotspot.

To offer the wVoIP service to their subscribers, operators need to establish a standard, unilateral GSM roaming relation with Comfone. This requires no up-front investment or network adaptation. As a result, time-to-market for these services is significantly reduced, allowing the potential for substantial ‘first-mover’ advantages. GSM Association processes for roaming relations are automatically adhered to through the use of existing techniques for user authentication (based on GSM-SIM cards), signaling and clearing just as they are with a normal roaming relation.

By using a dual-mode, GSM / WLAN handset, end-users can choose their preferred service, i.e. wVoIP when in WLAN coverage or GSM. Regardless of their choice, they keep the same number for both services. Full mobility combined with only one handset, a user-friendly solution and one bill addresses customer satisfaction. Comfone’s wVoIP allows operators to take control of the business opportunity presented by wVoIP and will enable them to generate new revenue streams.

The proliferation of WLAN in the private, enterprise and public domains has reached a critical mass and it is clear that voice and simple messaging communications are key applications to take advantage of this new technology. This development offers telecom operators the chance to strengthen their existing customer relationships with a total, innovative and above all, user-friendly portfolio.

Executive Vice President Products and Services, Roland Burri, said, “With the growth of VoIP in the fixed-line sector it has been clear for some time that the mobile industry must respond, to offer its users the advantages of this exciting new technology. By announcing comfone’s wVoIP solution at this point, operators will have a ‘first-mover advantage’, which not only enables them to offer their subscribers a complete and comprehensive service portfolio, but also to exploit new revenue streams offered by the new service.“

On 1st February 2006, sunrise TDC Switzerland and Comfone began field trials of Comfone’s wVoIP solution. The trials allow sunrise to provide its customers with the full potential of this service as first operator to market with the technology.

The full commercial launch of Comfone wVoIP will take place in the Q2 2006.

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