CODA manages risk worldwide with Vistorm’s Information Assurance approach

By | September 15, 2006

Information assurance specialist Vistorm today announced that it has successfully implemented the McAfee Foundstone solution to monitor and manage risk across CODA´s 14 sites worldwide.

CODA develops financial management software, process control tools and performance analysis software. Previously, CODA had various systems for deploying security patches but was lacking a tool to report and to manage security across its environment. “We run a heterogeneous environment with many operating systems and platforms, all of which need supporting with finite resource,” said Richard Hall, group IT manager, CODA Group.

Vistorm has introduced the McAfee® Foundstone® Enterprise vulnerability management technology. One of the major challenges for companies is to stay updated regarding inevitable security breaches. The new solution will help CODA mitigate network security vulnerabilities and prevent attacks on corporate data assets. It detects security vulnerabilities and exposures before cyber criminals can exploit them, and helps reduce online business risks. Receiving advanced notice of new potential threats is of vital importance as well as getting outside verification that the security measures are functioning properly.

CODA now has greater visibility of vulnerabilities throughout the organisation, helping it to better target resources to the most valuable assets when incidents occur. Hall explained: “We were originally using another product, but it wasn´t adding value to our organisation. Vistorm, with whom we have a long-standing relationship, understood our environment and was able to advise on what we needed. They are constantly reviewing the marketplace and advising of new developments in terms of risk and compliance. Their solution, utilising McAfee Foundstone technology, allows us to take a more strategic approach to risk management across our organisation and has been implemented as part of a wider information compliance policy.”

McAfee Foundstone Enterprise enables a business to measure and report the security posture of its networks and systems. McAfee Foundstone provides a market-leading standardised security risk rating system called FoundScore(tm) that compares aspects of a customer´s network environment against best practices to quantify the organisation´s security risk with a score from 0-100. The higher the score, the more secure the customer´s network and systems. This score is affected by the weighting given to different areas. This in turn helps managers pinpoint and prioritise their most valuable information assets first, to minimise the greatest risk to the organisation. The total score changes more dramatically if the most important issues are targeted first.

Vistorm is supporting McAfee Foundstone across all 14 of CODA´s offices worldwide, monitoring and managing risk across all areas. Darron Antill, general manager, sales and marketing, Vistorm, said: “CODA understands the importance of compliance and corporate governance as it produces technology to help finance departments deal with new legislation. This solution will manage risk across all of CODA´s sites, across hundreds of servers, even covering mobile workers. It will enable them to target resource to protect their most valuable assets.”

Vistorm is also offering managed services to support the McAfee Foundstone solution to all customers with immediate effect.

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