Co-Location Site Security Best Practices

By | August 1, 2006

So often today organizations choose to use co-location data centers to differ the complexity and high costs associated with private data centers. Co-location data centers offer high tech facilities that deliver redundant and diverse Internet and IP services, along with robust power and environmental conditioning.

Most organizations that offer these services do them fairly well. However more and more co-location data centers are also offering physical security and physical access authentication services to help meet compliance standards. Most organizations offer rudimentary feel-good services with a great deal of disparity between sites for even the same organization.

Before you decide on a Co-location or co-lo facility, here are some things for you to consider:

Most people focus on the four top issues cost, ping, power and cooling. Organizations have a very good sense of their budget, the bandwidth and diversity they need, their latency thresholds, power requirement, and cooling output. However there is one area that time and time again many organizations ignore — Security.Read Full Story

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