Cisco unveils multi-function network security suite

By | May 3, 2005

Cisco Systems, the leader maker of routers and other communications gear for networking, unveiled today its latest network security product – Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance – a family of multi-function security appliances that help stop attacks before they spread through the network.

The Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) controls network and application traffic, delivers Virtual Private Network connectivity, and reduces the overall deployment, operations costs and complexity that would otherwise be associated with this level of comprehensive security.

The new appliance integrates recently announced security appliances such as Cisco Adaptive Threat Defense, Advanced VPN protection and a set of lifecycle security services.

The key feature of the new appliance is the Cisco Adaptive Threat Defense. This features provides businesses with network-based defenses for worm and virus mitigation, spyware protection, hacker and intrusion prevention, and Denial of Service (DoS) prevention, all with on-device security event correlation.

“The traditional deployment of security services results in product “silos” and forces organizations to trade-off between operational efficiency and holistic security,” said Joel Conover, Principal Analyst, Current Analysis.

“The integration of multiple technologies in the ASA 5500 solves the problem of multi-device security management, and makes it operationally and economically feasible to deploy comprehensive security services to more network locations.”

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