Cisco under Hack Attack

By | August 5, 2005

Last week, Mike Lynn, a former research working at Internet Security Systems, gave a presentation at the Black Hat conference on the internal working of Cisco’s operating system and exploit techniques. Hackers have already harvested passwords and data from the network giant using a hole in its software.

Cisco declined to say whether user information was compromised but did mention that the problem had been fixed. “Cisco patched the vulnerability and immediately corrected the problem,” said Cisco spokeswoman Mojgan Khalili.

The security breach is not related by any mean to the router flaw detailed at the Black Hat conference last week and according to Ms Khalili, Cisco is not aware of any exploits of its routers.

“This incident does not appear to be due to a weakness in Cisco products or technologies,” said Ms Khalil.

Cisco is conducting its own investigation into the website security breach and notified the US attorney´s office about the incident. In a statement on the security breach Cisco said it was also resetting registered users´ passwords.

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