Cisco, Intel to Enhance Wireless

By | August 25, 2005

Cisco Systems and Intel announced an expansion of the existing partnership to enrich their commitment to Wireless and deliver new capabilities that enhance wireless networks, enable high-quality services and security for businesses.

The expended partnership produced a newly product called Business Class Wireless Suite, which aims at providing enhanced wireless services to customers. The product consists of optimal access point selection and high-quality voice-over-IP service.

“Business Class Wireless aims to provide the best wireless experience by enabling a better user experience for Intel clients running over Cisco wireless enterprise infrastructure,” said Charles Giancarlo, Cisco´s chief development officer.

As part of the new partnership, Intel will join Cisco’s Network Admission Control program, which is used by routers to evaluate security before allowing it to use any resources inside the network.

“Businesses increasingly rely on computing and network infrastructure to improve the way they interact and conduct their business,” said Sean Maloney, executive vice president and general manager of the Intel Mobility Group.

“Our continued collaboration with Cisco combines our two companies´ strengths in computing and networking to drive the convergence of these technologies and enable new, innovative uses of technology.”

Business Class Wireless Suite should become available early next year.

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