Cisco Converges the Enterprise

By | December 6, 2004

Cisco announced today that they are releasing several new products aimed at helping enterprises converge their voice and data networks.

The products are the CRS-1 which is an 8-Slot Single-Shelf System and extends the existing CRS-1 line of products which debuted earlier this year. The new CRS-1 provides 640Gbps of bandwidth, which is roughly half the capacity of the CRS-1 16-Slot System.

Such high capacity routers are aimed squarely at organizations whose networks are burdened by the load of having to carry data, voice and increasing amounts of multimedia – all without significant upgrades to core infrastructure.

At a list price of roughly $200,000, the new router isn’t a small purchase, but for organizations looking to upgrade their core infrastructure it could be a useful part of their long term growth plans.

In addition, Cisco will be teaming with Japanese electronics company Fujitsu to introduce new and more powerful routing software, which we assume will be based off of a hardened version of Linux – something both companies are familiar and comfortable with.

The move is part of an extended strategic partnership which will allow Cisco to carve out a larger presence in one of the world’s most advanced telecommunications markets – it will also allow Fujitsu to provide new products to its customers more quickly and in a more cost effective manner. Terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

Fujitsu, which is Japan’s largest computer maker and a main equipment supplier to the nation’s dominant telephone company, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, expects to begin selling co-branded routers it has tested and certified next spring.

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