CipherTrust Stops Spam at the Network Edge

By | August 29, 2005

CipherTrust is breaking out of the firewall with a new appliance that will stop over 50 percent of unwanted traffic at the network edge before it reaches the firewall, thus acting as buffer between the internet and the corporate email gateway.

To provide real-time spam filtering, CipherTrust launched a web site called TrustedSource that shows nearly in real-time statistics of spam, phishing and fraudulent email attacks. The appliance uses the web-site to check IP addresses of the sending domain rather than examining the content.

“We are very excited to provide this powerful new approach for our customers,” said Dr. Paul Q. Judge, CTO of CipherTrust.

“IronMail Edge is three times faster than any other messaging security device on the market and reduces the burden of processing and quarantining unwanted messages. This offering reinforces our technology leadership, adding an essential layer of protection to complement a multi-layered approach critical to protecting corporate messaging systems.”

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