CipherTrust Introduces Category-Based Compliance

By | June 15, 2006

CipherTrust, Inc., the global market leader in messaging security, today announced the launch of IronMail 6.5, the latest version of the Company´s gateway security appliance. IronMail 6.5 includes two new distinct modules – the Advanced Compliance Module and the Image Analysis Module (both powered by CipherTrust´s patented Compliance Profiler technology) – making CipherTrust the first messaging security vendor to offer category-based compliance optimised to reduce the administrative burden associated with protecting sensitive corporate information.

Industry and government regulations dictate that companies exercise close control over many types of electronic data and organisations are looking for ways to maintain the integrity of their corporate information. Although content filtering technologies have been available for quite some time, they have been increasingly difficult to manage in terms of time associated with creating dictionaries, assigning thresholds and other activities related to the analysis of described content. CipherTrust´s Compliance Profiler analyses multiple file types, including images, uses artificial intelligence technologies and reduces the administration time associated with simple content filtering technologies by:

· Automatically “learning” which data is sensitive and eliminating the need to build manual dictionaries.

· Applying simple high-level rules defined for classes of content rather than complicated individual threshold rules.

. Enforcing role-based administration with compliance review interface and workflow capabilities.

· Analysing many document formats, including 85 different image types and more than 200 file types.

· Supporting multiple languages, including French, German, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, for customised dictionaries and content analysis, translated versions of all reports, rule and policy input in any supported language, and more.

Dr. Paul Judge, chief technology officer at CipherTrust, said; “CipherTrust has incorporated content-filtering techniques on outbound traffic since 2001. Since then, CipherTrust Research has focused on developing innovative approaches to make these solutions more robust and easier to use. The Compliance Profiler uses artificial intelligence techniques that automatically define and enforce policies, replacing the legacy content filtering solutions that organisations struggle to use and maintain.”

CipherTrust´s Compliance Profiler technology powers both the Advanced Compliance Module and the Image Analysis Module. Both modules are integrated with CipherTrust Central(tm), providing a single management framework for administration, reporting and policy configuration.

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