CipherTrust Edge 2.1 Provides Defence Against e-mail Borne Threats

By | August 31, 2006

CipherTrust has announced CipherTrust Edge 2.1, an enhanced version of its network perimeter security appliance. Powered by the Company’s TrustedSource global reputation engine, CipherTrust Edge protects IT resources against dangerous e-mail threats and can effectively reject up to 80 per cent of e-mail connections by identifying them as originating from a malicious source.

Current global e-mail volume is at 50 billion messages per day—expected to rise to 100 billion messages per day by 2008—and CipherTrust Research has found that message volume has increased 25 per cent over the past six months. With the substantial increase in message volume comes a corresponding rise in the threats to corporate e-mail systems, CipherTrust Edge provides an outer layer of security and protects against malicious e-mail threats before they hit any part of an enterprise network. CipherTrust Edge is designed for high performance in large enterprises, and can handle three million connections per hour. Using information from TrustedSource, the appliance allows good senders to connect and send messages, blocks bad senders from establishing a connection, and subjects suspicious senders to traffic shaping, which may include throttling connections.

The enhanced CipherTrust Edge appliance decreases network bandwidth requirements, is interoperable with any mail server or e-mail security product, and provides protection against zombies and virus outbreaks. Major enhancements include the following:

Improved performance. New and improved memory-based scanning for Message-based and IP reputations enable CipherTrust Edge to better perform under heavy loads and achieve greater results in blocking higher volumes of e-mail traffic.

Increased connection blocking. The new version incorporates real-time LDAP verification to stop bounce-back messages and immediately drop messages sent to recipients not listed in the directory.

Perimeter anti-virus protection. CipherTrust has added TrustedSource Message Reputation and memory-based anti-virus scanning as additional spam and malware detection techniques, pushing outbreak protection and anti-virus scanning to the perimeter of the messaging infrastructure.

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