CipherTrust Announces Next-Generation Instant Messaging Security Appliance

By | June 26, 2006

CipherTrust, Inc., the leader in messaging security, today announced IronIM 2.0, the latest version of its instant messaging (IM) security appliance, further demonstrating the Company´s commitment to providing comprehensive messaging security across multiple applications and protocols for the enterprise. IronIM 2.0 secures businesses from incoming threats and outbound data leakage when employees use either public or private (enterprise) IM systems. It seamlessly integrates with corporate directories making it cost-effective for organisations to deploy and maintain.

The use of IM in the workplace is growing rapidly, and according to Gartner1, there are 103 million active public IM users, 70 per cent of them using IM at the office. Gartner also predicts that IT administrators who do not manage or protect public IM are likely to experience 80 per cent more IM-related security incidents, than those who do. Consequently, many enterprises are looking for ways to secure IM at the gateway in the same way that they have been securing e-mail to transparently protect end-users from inbound and outbound messaging threats.

Jay Chaudhry, CEO, chairman and founder of CipherTrust, said: “We are continuing to see messaging threats move across protocols and as these threats shift and change, we are finding that enterprises struggle to keep up. By increasing the protection capability and decreasing the administration overhead of securing IM, CipherTrust IronIM 2.0 enables enterprises to use this very valuable business tool without compromising their security.”

IronIM 2.0 provides enterprises with a complete solution for managing and securing IM communications and has been enhanced and updated in a variety of areas, including:

·Corporate ID Registration and Mapping – enables administrators to register and manage public and corporate IM identities using the corporate LDAP directory. Integration with LDAP requires users to register and allows administrators to control user access and ease the frustration caused in auditing and reporting usage where the identities are not matched with the directory.

·Anti-Virus – uses a variety of techniques, including CipherTrust´s patented, award-winning SpamProfiler, IntrusionDefender and TrustedSource global reputation engine, to provide protection from incoming threats before they enter the corporate network. IronIM 2.0 also can also scan files being transferred to IM for viruses. Once scanned, IronIM 2.0 allows file transfers to take place without causing concern about viruses infiltrating the end-user machines and network.

·Support for Public IM Systems – includes support for AOL, MSN and Yahoo.

·Support for Corporate IM Systems – includes support for Microsoft LCS and IBM Sametime enterprise IM products.

·Encryption – encrypts IM conversations between organisations using gateway-to-gateway encryption. This ensures a secure communication between two companies, or employees within a company, without any additional burden on the end user.

·Logging and Archiving – scans and logs all IM conversations to prevent data leakage and comply with government regulations such as HIPAA and GLBA, or a company´s internal communication policy.

·Common Administration and Policy Enforcement – integrated with the Web-based administration and policy framework used by all other CipherTrust products, giving IT administrators a simple and efficient way to manage and apply policies across all CipherTrust appliances.

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