ciphertrust announces ciphertrust radar to monitor for phishing, fraud and zombies

By | February 6, 2006

CipherTrust, Inc., the global market leader in messaging security, today announced CipherTrust RADAR(tm), the latest offering powered by the Company´s TrustedSource(tm) behaviour-based sender reputation system. CipherTrust RADAR is a Web-based service that provides real-time monitoring and alerts for phishing attacks as well as infected zombie PCs within an organisation´s corporate network.

CipherTrust Research detects more than 17,000 phishing attacks each month and an average of 250,000 new zombies each day. The dramatic increase and severity of these threats have caused a significant loss of trust in e-mail as a primary means of business communication. CipherTrust RADAR proactively tracks zombie machines and phishing attacks to protect organisations from online fraud and the liability associated with malicious use of corporate e-mail networks. As a result, CipherTrust RADAR helps accelerate the process of regaining consumer trust. Customers can gain immediate access to the CipherTrust RADAR subscription service via the Internet using proper authentication credentials.

Kyle Hussey, network administrator at the Grant County Public Utility District in Washington said: “CipherTrust RADAR is one of the few offerings in the world that trends everything. CipherTrust RADAR provides a very good overview of global sending patterns and other characteristics so that we can track our online presence and protect our network from being manipulated into sending spam, viruses or other fraudulent attacks.”

CipherTrust RADAR provides fraud investigators and messaging security experts with relevant, company-specific information using several approaches:

*Company risk assessment – Identifies specific instances of a company´s name being used in fraudulent messages, both globally and within specific vertical markets

*Internal threat monitoring – Allows organisations to monitor internal IP addresses and domains, view all message senders from their organisation and monitor for any unusual activity that is typically associated with compromised zombie PCs or violations of internal IT usage policies

*Real-time alerts – Sends customisable notifications that warn of suspicious activity or when new phishing schemes use a company´s name fraudulently

*Investigative assistance – Assists fraud investigators in identifying the source of phishing schemes that take advantage of their organisations

Dr. Paul Judge, chief technology officer of CipherTrust said: “CipherTrust RADAR is about protecting an organisations´ online reputation – whether that be detecting and stopping phishing scams that fraudulently use a company´s name or blocking hijacked zombie PCs from sending malicious attacks from within their networks. CipherTrust protects the messaging infrastructures of more global enterprises than any other vendor, providing us the unique opportunity for a full understanding of the complete messaging ecosystem. We´re able to identify these attacks and their origin, receiving an overall view into online organised crime activity and passing that intelligence to our customers so the attacks can be stopped.”

CipherTrust RADAR receives a real-time stream of behaviour-based intelligence from TrustedSource, CipherTrust´s global threat correlation engine. TrustedSource analyses data from a variety of sources, including more than 100 billion consumer/ISP messages per month and another 10 billion enterprise messages per month collected from CipherTrust´s global network of more than 4,500 sensors located in enterprises and government institutions. CipherTrust RADAR leverages the reputation scores from TrustedSource to watch for deviations from expected behaviour for any given sender, an indication of suspicious activity and provides real-time alerting to customers.

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