CIOs Say They Need Additional Content Protection

By | April 25, 2006

According to a CIO survey conducted by SealedMedia Inc., today´s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems don´t meet the content protection and compliance needs of today´s enterprise customers. As a result, many CIOs are seeking Enterprise Digital Rights Management (E-DRM) solutions to complement their ECM systems, to safeguard content and e-mail systems, and address compliance concerns related to Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and other government mandates.

While most participants feel that their respective ECM system meets their basic needs, 76 percent of participants are seeking additional content protection and control functionality. Moreover, ECM systems are often too complex and expensive for enterprise-wide deployment. Specifically:

CIOs revealed that only 45 percent of their employees use ECM systems-leaving 55 percent of employees to struggle on their own with content- and digital rights management issues. About 50% of their employees store sensitive information outside the ECM repository-leaving organizations vulnerable to information loss or manipulation. 43% of sensitive corporate information is never intended to reside in the ECM repository-begging the question: Where should it be stored and how should the information be protected.

# 8 out of 10 participants are interested in functionality that would allow them to protect content once it is checked out of the ECM system.

“Based on the current climate of compliance/business model, ECM systems must play a larger role in extending policy-based content control,” said Landon Lack, vice president of Business Development, SealedMedia. “Moreover, ECM systems will become increasingly important as more and more content is shared across the value chain. SealedMedia 5.0 addresses these issues today for everyday enterprise users, without the complexity of yesterday´s digital rights management systems.”

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