CIOs and IT Managers prefer Linux for e-mail

By | December 1, 2004

A study, undertaken by Osterman Research in October 2004, reveals that 55 percents of CIOs and IT Managers would consider switching to Linux e-mail over the next two years.

The research also revealed that 21 percent of executives would prefer Linux for their entire email infrastructure if they could scrap their current email infrastructure, and over 40 percent said they would replace their backend messaging infrastructure for one with better performance and lower costs.

“The survey shows that Linux is a key platform for messaging and its market share is increasing,” said Michael Osterman, head of Osterman Research.

The study is part of Linux related research reports, which were published in a whitepaper entitled “”Linux and eMail Infrastructure: A Business and Technology Perspective”. The whitepaper was released by Scalix, a Linux email software company, to help IT managers extend the technology benefits of Linux to their email infrastructure.

“We have developed a comprehensive methodology that allows customers to migrate their email infrastructure to Linux in a manner that´s transparent and non-disruptive to end users, by co-existing with their legacy environment,” said Julie Hanna Farris, Scalix´s founder and chief strategy officer.

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