Cingular, Telecom and Sprint join to fight spam, viruses

By | December 2, 2004

The Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG) announced yesterday that Cingular Wireless, France Telecom and Sprint have joined the group to fight wireless spam and viruses.

“With an addressable base of over 300 million subscribers and a strong footprint in Asia, Europe and the Americas, we can now truly say that the MAAWG has made significant inroads into consolidating the fight against messaging abuse,” said Omar Tellez, MAAWG’s Outreach and Communications Chair and Openwave’s Director of Market Development. “We welcome this group of premier wireless and wireline carriers and look forward to work with them to help define a set of best current practices across service providers to improve deliverability while eliminating spam and viruses”.

“Sprint is committed to improve our customers’ wireless messaging experience and, we must cooperate to find solutions for eliminating spam and viruses,” said Sharon Stanley, director of Platform Operations at Sprint. “As the volume of text messaging expands, it is clear that proactive methods are necessary to diminish future spam and to protect our customers.”

MAAWG is a group of communications and technology companies committed to solving of messaging abuse.

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