Chip to block viruses

By | November 28, 2006

Researches in Japan have developed a microchip that blocks computer viruses before enter the network, according to report published by Reuters. The new technology changes how security software is used.

Chips in routers can stop viruses without slowing down programs running on computers the way security software does, according to researcher Eiichi Takahashi at the government-funded National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

But the chips need to be rewritable so they can be updated with online information about new viruses, and that creates a problem, because rewritable chips now can recognize only a few hundred viruses each.

“To translate the technology into profits, you would need global sales channels to cut prices and make the technology affordable for consumers,” Nikko Citigroup analyst Kengo Nagahashi said.

The chips can also block viruses from entering mobile phones, personal digital assistants and online refrigerators, microwave ovens and other appliances, as well as PCs, Takahashi said. [Via Reuters]

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