Checklist brings clarity to Web Application Firewalls

By | December 19, 2005

IT managers will now be capable of choosing the best security solution for their needs, with the publication of Secure Application Delivery checklist, industry’s first comprehensive guide for IT professionals to evaluate and compare products offered in the secure application delivery market.

NetContinuum has created the checklist in order to help IT managers focus and prioritize the needs of IT management by identifying 27 distinct operations, covering both traffic delivery and security inspection including enforcement operations that are potentially applied to every transaction hitting a website. Collectively, these steps constitute a “HTTP transaction lifecycle,” and performing them, with a full audit trail, are vital to the security and availability of web applications.

In the last few months, company acquisitions and mergers have created a shake up in the application traffic management, optimization, and performance industry, creating uncertainty among IT managers on how this affects their data centers and network architectures. The Secure Application Delivery Checklist addresses their need for a simplified tool to aid multi-vendor product evaluations specific to this new class of data center products that, for the first time ever, offer fully secured and managed web application transactions from a single appliance.

“We are bringing clarity to an evolving market,” said Pete Abrams, vice president of marketing for NetContinuum. “With new, converged appliances being offered by multiple vendors, data center managers are able to simplify their networks and modernize their web application delivery architectures.”

“The Secure Application Delivery Checklist offers guidance to help them understand all the steps in the HTTP transaction lifecycle required to fully secure and manage application traffic and determine the product that best fits their needs,” Mr. Abrams added.

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