Check Point Eventia Analyzer 2.0

By | March 22, 2006

Check Point has announced that Eventia Analyzer 2.0­ a comprehensive security event management solution that automatically prioritises security events for decisive, intelligent action­ has extended support to the endpoint and correlates data for anti-virus applications, personal firewalls and operating systems.

Eventia Analyzer 2.0 offers native support and integration with the full range of Check Point security products as well as major third party security solutions, and scales to support complex service-provider and large-enterprise environments. By automating the correlation of raw security data, Eventia Analyzer 2.0 is a powerful, easy-to-use security event management solution that helps IT security departments reduce the cost and complexity of security event correlation, management, and reporting.

SEM solutions, such as Eventia Analyzer 2.0, help relieve the burden placed on IT administrators by analysing data from multiple security devices across the network and automatically prioritising the data for immediate action. Eventia Analyzer 2.0 provides centralised, real-time correlation of log data from Check Point perimeter, internal, web and endpoint security products ­ as well as third party security devices ­ and turns volumes of raw data into actionable information to empower security administrators to make informed decisions on their security deployment.

By automating the aggregation and correlation of security data and events, Eventia Analyzer 2.0 not only reduces the amount of information that needs to be reviewed but also isolates and prioritises real security threats.

Eventia Analyzer 2.0 is powerful, yet easy to fine tune. The product delivers robust core functionality that can be deployed in days, is optimised for the Check Point environment, but can support heterogeneous devices from companies of all sizes ­ including service providers.

“Many companies deploy a layered security approach which can be effective for organisations of all sizes, however this strategy also adds additional administrative responsibilities for an IT staff,” says Ken Fitzpatrick, chief marketing officer for Check Point Software Technologies. “While other SEM products in the market correlate data from only a handful of security devices found in a typical network, Check Point№s Eventia Analyzer 2.0 provides comprehensive support for Check Point and third party security devices, which allow customers greater flexibility, scalability and value for their investment.”

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