CertifiedEmail will not reduce spam

By | April 12, 2006

Legislators and advocacy groups were surprised at a California Senate committee hearing last week when Goodmail CEO Richard Gingras said its fee-based CertifiedEmail program that AOL and Yahoo are implementing is not meant to reduce spam.

“That´s what I thought was the selling point: that it was going to reduce spam and phishing,” said state Sen. Dean Florez, a Democrat who chairs the state Senate Select Committee on E-Commerce, Wireless Technology and Consumer Driven Programming.

Rather than helping to reduce spam Gingras claimed that the point is to allow users to verify who important messages are really from, like a message from your bank or credit card company. “To suggest that the introduction of CertifiedEmail is going to prevent spammers from sending spam or phishers from trying to phish — we have not said it, nor would any expert say it,” Gingras told DM News.Read Full Story

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