Centrino Wireless Flaw Opens Laptops to Hackers

By | August 2, 2006

SophosLabs have advised computer users to ensure they are running the latest security patches following the announcement of vulnerabilities in Intel Centrino´s wireless features. The flaws could, theoretically, allow hackers to spread malicious code such as a worm wirelessly between computers.

Intel Centrino According to a statement by Intel, the security vulnerabilities exist in the Microsoft Windows drivers for certain versions of their Wireless Network Connection hardware.

“A hacker could exploit these wireless vulnerabilities to run malicious code on an innocent users´ computer, giving them control over other people´s PCs or spreading a wireless worm which could leapfrog from one laptop to the next,” said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. “The good news is that we haven´t seen any attacks using this exploit yet, but that doesn´t mean computer users should be laid back about applying fixes.”

Intel has published generic updates to its software which reportedly fix the issue on its website, the company is recommending that users contact their laptop manufacturers for vendor-specific information and fixes.

“It is essential that all companies remain alert to the latest security issues, and ensure their business computers are properly defended with the latest patches,” continued Cluley. “The more time taken to patch a flaw, the greater the opportunity for a malicious hacker to exploit it.”

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