Cellular VoIP will Dominate the Mobile Market

By | September 17, 2006

By 2012, cellular VoIP services are forecast to generate revenues of USD18.6 billion in the USA and USD7.3 billion in Western Europe, compared with fixed VoIP revenues of USD11.9 in the USA and USD6.9 billion in Western Europe, according to a new report, Forecasting the Commercial Impact of Wireless VoIP in the USA and Western Europe, published by Analysys.

Key findings from the new report include:

1. By 2015, cellular VoIP will carry 28% of all fixed and mobile voice minutes in the USA and 23% in Western Europe

2. Mobile operators will position cellular VoIP as a premium voice service, emphasising quality of service and a range of value added features (such as presence information, instant messaging and multimedia sharing) in order to resist the erosion of voice prices

3. Cellular VoIP will dominate the mix of wireless VoIP services in developed markets, with VoIP over wireless local area networks (VoWLAN) and VoIP over broadband wireless access (BWA) technologies (such as WiMAX) relegated to niche roles.

Operators must also manage the threat of third parties that offer VoIP on operators’ own cellular data services, as well as competitors that offer alternative VoIP services on WLAN or BWA networks.

This report discusses the factors that will define when wireless VoIP services become significant. The report also forecasts the impact of wireless VoIP on the overall market for fixed and mobile voice services over the period 2006–15, both in terms of voice minutes and revenues. The report considers the relative importance of VoIP over cellular, WLAN and BWA technologies and identifies the barriers and enablers to their respective success.

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