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Know Your Enemy: Learning about Security Threats

Ever wanted to monitor what´s going on in the internet by seeing it first hand? Well honeypots enable you to do that. This book is an official release of the HoneyNET Project, the leaders in honeypot technology. The book “Know Your Enemy: Learning About Security Threats” is extremely informative and detailed. From here on out,… Read More »

Real 802.11 Security: Wi-Fi Protected Access and 802.11i

After the initial thrill of setting up your own wireless network is gone, you try looking into the ways of making it more secure. Common sense tells you that following the manuals on securing the network widely available on the Internet should help, but what if your responsibilities include managing an array of enterprise-level WLANs?… Read More »

Red Hat Fedora Linux 2

Few people in the industry would ever acknowledge purchasing and reading the “For Dummies” books to expand their knowledge. Red Hat Fedora Linux 2 is a book written specifically with an average user in mind. Accompanied by a DVD that´s equivalent to 9 CDs from Fedora Core 2 (OS, tools and applications, source code, documentation),… Read More »

802.11 Wireless LAN Fundamentals

Wireless networks and technologies are no longer a new concept. The freedom of flexibility, increase of productivity and the much sought-after mobility are only few of the benefits that 802.11-based networks provide. This appeals to the enterprise and home users to take the next step and deploy a wireless network onto their network and business… Read More »

Windows Server Hacks

Are you a systems administrator in a Windows server environment? If so, then this is the book for you. It contains numerous hacks pertaining to all different kinds of subjects in a Windows server environment. Everything from access control to networking is covered in this book. If you are interested in using hacks to quicken… Read More »

Linux Pocket Guide

This book is an upfront, no bull, book. It´s all about the essentials, it doesn´t bore you with commands you will never use, or about history you could care less about, it´s a short reference guide for the essential commands used in Linux. The book provides loads of examples and tips on how to use… Read More »

Building Wireless Community Networks 2/e

Nowadays, with Wireless enabled computers almost as common as Ethernet, it makes sense to more people and organizations to make the next step and connect their networks using wireless technology. If you or your community is planning to get online using wireless network technology, Flickenger’s book “Building Wireless Community Networks” is exactly where you need… Read More »

Review: SpeedUpMyPC

This program is a new powerful system utility from LIUtilities Inc. that helps you get the most out of your computer without being a windows expert. Its features: free up memory and other resources, optimizing your internet connection, reassign CPU to improve performance, prevent crashes and reduce startup times considerably.

GFI LANGuard Security Scanner

GFI LANGuard is a powerful network security scanner by GFI Ltd. that enables you to fix lousy security before a hacker would exploit them. It scans your network and system for potential security holes and lets you deploy the necessary patches and services packs to eliminate the problem.

Building Secure Wireless Networks with 802.11

If you plan to deploy a wireless network at home or in the office, this book provides an easy to follow step-by-step planning and guidelines for a successful deployment and securing wireless network in any environment you choose.