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Web Application Code Auditing with SWAAT

Security Compass web application auditing tool (SWAAT) is a free static web application source code analysis tool, primly designed to help developers diagnose and locate potentially dangerous portions of source code that could be exploited by attackers and lead to security breaches in your application.

Review: Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner

More companies than ever are using web applications for their business, yet only a small percentage of websites are tested for vulnerabilities. Through web application vulnerabilities, hackers can gain access to sensitive data such as customer’s details and corporate data: Gartner study reveals that 75% of cyber attacks are launched on shopping carts, forms, login… Read More »

iSafe: Store Personal Data Securely on Your Mac

As an Internet user, you need to keep track of passwords, accounts information, names and much more. One solution is to store everything on your computer and take the risk that anyone can gain access to your valuable information. iSafe is a security solution that will relieve you of the password management chore, while offering… Read More »

Review: SmartLine DeviceLock

Businesses have spent millions protecting their corporate email and gateway servers from a vast range of security threats such as, malware and identity theft and data loss. But with USB memory, portable storage and media devices, IT professionals take no steps to monitor the usage of these devices, therefore ignoring the threat of internal security… Read More »

Review: SpyWall

Spywall is a Windows-based sandbox and firewall tool designed to protect Internet users from attacks that can be launched through their web browser. By sandboxing the web browser, Spywall ensures full protection from unauthorized access to the user´s computer.

Product Insight: Actual Window Manager

When Actual Tools sent me a copy of their Actual Window Manager for Windows, I felt a bit skeptical. Most of the time I work with Windows, I have little respect for eye-candy, transparency effects and beautiful skins. I need to get the work done, and like to work smart, not hard.

Defend I.T.: Security by Example

With the recent surge of interest in the IT/IS field, we are seeing many newcomers(myself included). This is resulting in many new books each year. This one is actually one of the more interesting ones I´ve read lately. It uses case studies to really grab your attention, and then it explains what it´s attempting to… Read More »

Book Review: High-Tech Crimes Revealed

The title “High-Tech Crimes Revealed” might sound a little too catchy and perhaps attract the wrong crowd, hoping to find the recipes for success in the online crime world. But a former cop and currently a high-tech forensics researcher Steven Branigan actually managed to write a pretty interesting detective with elements of autobiography and computer… Read More »

Product Insight: Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro

Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro name is a bit deceiving. The term “firewall” to a Windows user implied somewhat limited application capable of monitoring the open ports and reporting on applications engaged in network communications. If you ever worked with ZoneAlarm, BlackICE or Windows XP Service Pack 2, you probably don´t expect much more out of… Read More »