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GFI Endpoint Security 3.0 Review

Businesses, from small to large, make a decent investment in firewalls, anti-viruses, email and web content security filters to protect their networks against external threats. Yet, any user with a USB device poses a tremendous threat to your data, no matter how well external security is.

Sunnysoft Backup Manager 4.0 Review

If your PDA is lost or stolen, you have to recall all that information which can be very time-consuming. Scheduling a regular backup of your PDA is a good habit to protect emails, contacts and other data you store on your PDA.

Data Guardian: Secure your personal data

Securing personal information is one of the most important issues it today’s world. Everyday computer users and IT managers are constantly looking to protect sensitive data from being compromised by external hackers or malicious insiders.

Spam free inbox with SPAMfighter

SPAMfighter is an anti-spam solution for Outlook and Outlook Express. In contrast to traditional anti-spam products that rely on filters and rules, SPAMfighter utilizes its users, who instantly report any spam email they receive, to provide protection from the latest spam and phishing attacks.

Trend Micro Mobile Security 3.0

The expanding growth of converged mobile devices, increase availability of Wi-Fi networks and the faster download speeds are likely to increase the number of threats to these sorts of devices.

Safend Protector 3.0 Review

Today’s enterprises characterized by a proliferation of easily accessible computer ports, such as USB and PCMCIA. In addition, a variety of communication adapters such as wireless and Bluetooth and other storage devices such as digital cameras, smart phones and PDAs all enable effortless access to endpoints.

CA Anti-Spam 2007

CA Anti-Spam 2007 is an easy-to-use, seamlessly integrated spam filter for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express that makes sure you get messages from contacts you know, while quarantining other messages for later review.

CA Personal Firewall 2007

CA Personal Firewall 2007 is a Windows firewall package for home and small office users, providing complete hackers and privacy protection. It stops hackers, automatically delivers advice about which programs are safe and which are dangerous and controls your privacy while being online.

Safend Auditor – Review

Safend Auditor is a clientless Windows-based software utility that illuminates enterprise endpoint blind spots – providing enterprises with the visibility they need to identify and manage properly endpoints vulnerabilities.