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Pirana SMTP Content Exploitation Framework

Email has become an essential service for most people – who doesn´t own an email address today? With time, it seemed obvious that numerous threats would come to light and propagate through this communication channel.


FIAIF is an Intelligent Firewall. It provides a highly customizable script for setting up an iptables-based firewall. Configuration is done through one configuration file for each network to which the firewall is connected. FIAIF supports masquerading, port forwarding, traffic shaping, and more.

HTTP AntiVirus proxy

HTTP AntiVirus proxy is a proxy with an anti-virus filter. It does not cache or filter content. At the moment the complete traffic is scanned. The reason for this is the chance of malicious code in nearly every filetype e.g. HTML (JavaScript) or Jpeg. The anti-virus engine use Clamav (GPL antivirus).

BeEF – Browser Exploitation Framework

BeEF is the browser exploitation framework. Its purposes in life is to provide an easily integratable framework to demonstrate the impact of browser and cross-site scripting issues in real-time. The modular structure has focused on making module development a trivial process with the intelligence existing within BeEF.


IPSecuritas lets you easily setup IPSec VPN connections to another host or network over the Internet, while securing your data by encryption and authentication. This way, you can easily and cheaply access your office network from any point of this world, always knowing your communication is safe and protected from others.

Oedipus – Web Application Security Scanner

Oedipus is an open source web application security analysis and testing suite developed by Penetration Testers for Penetration Testers. It is capable of parsing different types of log files off-line and identifying several security vulnerabilities. Using the analyzed information, Oedipus can then dynamically test web sites for application and web server vulnerabilities.

UserLock: Manage Networks Access Control

UserLock is a Windows network security utility that secures access to networks by restricting simultaneous sessions, by limiting user access to network resources and by providing network administrators with remote control and session analysis.

Microsoft Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library

This download contains the redistributable files for the Microsoft Application Security Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library. The Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library can be used to provide comprehensive protection to web-based applications against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.

FirePhish – Firefox Anti-phishing Toolbar

FirePhish is a cross-platform anti-phishing toolbar for Firefox that utilizes the Open Phishing Database to provide the user with information and tools to protect against phishing attacks. FirePhish is part of The Open Phishing Database project.

Cyberhawk – zero-day protection software

Novatix’s Cyberhawk is zero-day security software designed for the average consumer. Cyberhawk protects in real-time against viruses, worms, trojans, buffer overflows, rootkits, and even some spyware. It is designed to be used alongside your current antivirus to protect you between antivirus updates. Because it is behavior-based and not signature-based, Cyberhawk protects against both known and… Read More »