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AI-based Security Appliance Stops MySpace Email Scam

Espion has announced the discovery of the first email-based MySpace Spam Scam. At 5:35pm EST an email was trapped in our unprotected honey pot. At the same time an identical email was stopped by Espion´s Interceptor anti-spam and security appliance.

Compliance and mobility govern security

The one segment in IT that has seen tremendous growth over the past few years is security. Despite advances in technology, security threats are growing at an alarming rate. The Indian network security market experienced a healthy growth in 2005 reaching about $116 million, up 70 percent compared to last year, says business consulting firm… Read More »

Winny Virus Wrecks Data Havoc In Japan

Top-secret military information, business documents of hundreds of corporate firms , personal and confidential data related to thousands of patients, complete information of Yahoo shopping mall, high profile information of Liberal Democratic Party and thousands more are all floating currently on the internet, creating an enormous flood of information leakage in Japan.

Protection from Emerging Virus Threats

Today’s malware distributors skirt traditional defenses by exploiting the zero hour gap, the time it takes to identify the attacking malware and write signatures that can detect and neutralize it. Recent studies have shown the lag time or gap between when a virus is recognized and a signature written to combat it can range from… Read More »

Patching window is getting shorter

Internet Security Systems has published a report which shows that hackers and cyber criminals are developing malicious codes to exploit known vulnerabilities much faster than before. The X-Force Threat Insight Quarterly highlights that the number of vulnerabilities in 2005 has increased by over 33% over 2004.

5 laptop security tips

Laptop theft is a huge problem. It is common nowadays to use a laptop to get work done away from your home or office. Unfortunately, the mobility and technology that make laptops so valuable also make them the target for theft around the world.

Essential Bluetooth hacking tools

Bluetooth provides an easy way for a wide range of mobile devices to communicate with each other without the need for cables or wires. However, despite its obvious benefits, it can also be a potential threat for the privacy and security of Bluetooth users (remember Paris Hilton?).

DEP for IE7 in Vista

Security tips blog, security-hacks, has posted details on how to enable DEP for Internet Explorer 7 in Vista.

How to test your firewall?

Security tips blog, Security-Hacks, has published a compilation of tools to test your firewall: “We’ve compiled a list of tools we believe will be of value to both home users and advance users.”